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All of the teachers are sensitive to the movement challenges that older adults may deal with. At the same time they are inspirational, motivational, warm-hearted, enthusiastic, encouraging and fun. 


Leigh Goodman

Journey Through Dance

Leigh Goodman is the creator of Journey Through Dance, a type of movement meditation practice that comes about through a transformative guided journey. She has offered these and related types of classes and workshops for over 12 years.

Her unique method of teaching, combined with her deep knowledge of the transformative power of music creates safe, supportive, nurturing and transformative sanctuaries for people of all ages to come ‘home’ to themselves and experience personal transformation on the physical as well as the emotional and mental level. 

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Dr. Zibin Guo

Tai Chi Chuan

Dr. Zibin Guo is a professor in medical anthropology at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga and a Tai Chi Chuan Master. In 2005 Dr. Guo developed a form of wheelchair Tai Chi Chuan (TCC) program making a traditional healing/martial art accessible to people with ambulatory limitations. A key feature of this innovative program is that it integrates wheelchair motions with the flowing movements of TCC to transform the wheelchair from an assistive device to a tool of empowerment and artistic expression.


Dr. Guo’s program was debuted at the 2008 Paralympics. Since 2016, funded by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, Dr. Guo has been implementing the Adaptive Tai Chi for Veterans program across the country. 

Prior joining the University of Tennessee Chattanooga, Dr. Guo served as a lecturer in the Department of Social Medicine of Harvard Medical School and the Director of Clinical Studies at New England School of Acupuncture. He specializes in applied medical anthropology and with a focus on applying traditional healing knowledge to develop intervention programs to promote physical and psychological well-being among vulnerable populations.

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Art of Yoga

In addition to being a mom of two living along the east coast of South Africa, Cher is also a yoga instructor, massage therapist and a conscious dance teacher.  

She understands the importance of movement and how it heals both our bodies and minds while at the same time it uplifts our spirits. When we move our bodies we boost our immunity, physical health and vitality. We stimulate our senses and cleanse our bodies of unwanted toxins.

Conscious dance allows emotional expression and leaves us with clarity of mind.  While the more controlled movements from practicing yoga improves our mental focus.

Breathing is improved while dancing and practicing yoga as we take in deep breaths and sigh them out, and doing this releases tension from our bodies.

Her classes incorporate everything from dance, to chair yoga to breathing.

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Tamryn Pelser

Soma Connect

Tamryn is certified in Dance for Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders, Conscious Movement Education, Body intelligence, Functional Anatomy, Pilates and holds a degree in Psychology.

She is currently studying Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction through IMISA Stellenbosch University. Tamryn started her movement practice in Cape Town in 2009. She facilitates mindful movement sessions for adults. With a strong focus on functional movement training and intrinsic patterning. Her approach to movement is quality versus quantity. The ‘How’ is as important as the task at hand.


Listening to sensation and creating new pathways for optimal movement through daily life. We practice The Power of Pause, Mindful Movement, Movement patterning, strengthening, agility, play and falling, creative movement and
breathing techniques.


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Gentle Seated Exercises

Jules has worked as a Recreation Therapist for over 25 years utilizing recreation activities to improve the physical, emotional, social and cognitive well-being of others.  She has been teaching seated exercise classes for 15+ years and is passionate about encouraging seniors to be more active one step at a time. 


Jules caters her classes to the needs of each participant and provides different options so everyone is able to participate and benefit from each class.  

The classes consist of gentle movement exercises focusing on improving range of motion, flexibility, strengthening muscles and bones, and breathing techniques.

Jules truly believes in the benefits of gentle exercise to help seniors enhance their lives with movement, resulting in improved quality of life which can lead to longer and happier lives.  Jules will be happy to lead, help and encourage you to move forward one step at a time in maintaining or improving your physical and emotional health.


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Walk 'N Groove

Paula resides in Calgary, Alberta Canada and has been passionate about dance since age 5.  Paula started Highland Dancing which she continued until age 19.  During this time, she also studied ballet, tap and jazz.  

Her dance journey continued on to learning and then teaching Canadian Step Dancing which she has been teaching now for 22 years.  She was certified in Zumba Fitness in 2009 and Zumba Gold in 2010 and has been teaching these modalities as a group fitness instructor since this time.  She also teaches LaBlast, line dancing, and Walk 'N Groove.

Paula is so excited to join the SGM team and will be teaching Walk 'N Groove on this platform.  She believes in the power of movement and music.  Both movement and music are so therapeutic for both the mind and body and you are never too old to move and it is never too late to start!  I hope you will join me and find your joy!



Strength and Stretch

Pam has been teaching fitness in varying modalities  for almost 30 years. Her fascination with the body vessel has led her to  courses in trauma relief and nervous system work. Strength & Stretch is her unique workout to ensure  your health, fitness and wellbeing are maintained and enhanced through body sculpting exercise, working through all the muscle groups.


As an added bonus, your posture will also improve  with these workouts. It’s suitable for the health and fitness needs of all  ages. Her promise is, you’ll experience a somatic*  awareness and a fabulous sense of wellbeing which  increases with every class.

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Care for Carers

Tamara is a Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist and has developed creative strategies to foster wellbeing and self-care in people who are caring for others through her work as a wellbeing facilitator and dance tutor. She finds great joy and fulfilment in journeying alongside people with a range of capabilities through movement exploration, creativity, and self-expression.


Tamara's priority is assisting people in integrating the many aspects of themselves while prioritising their wellness and increasing their awareness of self. Her experience working with people with varying capabilities and her therapeutic approach create a safe space where individuals can explore their wellbeing creatively.

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My hope for WeMove-WeLive is to create a platform of hope, inspiration, change and joy.

-Leigh Goodman