Residential Facilities

Sometimes the Simple Solution is
the Best Solution

We have created a world-class, yet simple solution, bringing you a wide variety of classes facilitated by amazing teachers from around the world! We are passionate about creating something for you that is authentic, real and long-lasting. We offer:

  • A variety of movement styles

  • Many teachers to choose from

  • Classes with different durations

  • A variety of classes for different levels
    of mobility


  • Access to all classes that have previously been uploaded!

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Fulfilling the Duty of Care

Moving is one of the strongest predictors of health and well-being. However, we know that many older-adults / seniors are not able (or willing) to attend in-person movement classes, especially with the current Covid situation around the world.

They also may be shy or embarrassed, they may believe that they can't move more, they may be immune compromised, they may be suffering from a lack of mobility or they may have an injury and feel afraid to hurt themselves.


We here at Senior Guided Movement believe that there is hope for everyone!​ We believe that we should never give up the effort to move more! 

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

Why bring We-Move-WeLive classes to your residents?

  • Improve mobility all-round!

  • Increased motivation and strength

  • An opportunity for connection

  • Reduce stress and depression

  • Easily accessible - Residents can access classes via any electronic device (including phone, iPad or laptop)

We've Made it Easy

  • With a movement class for everyone, there is no excuse not to move more.

  • The classes encompass a range of movement modalities and are created for older adults of all abilities.

  • Some classes are short and others are longer.

  • Residents will have access to the entire library of classes.

  • They can listen to these classes when they want to and can do them in the comfort of their own space.

Create a Package that Fits Your Needs

We work with residential facilities of all sizes to create custom packages and solutions that fit their needs.

Contact us to find out how you can bring WeMove-WeLive classes to your residential facility.

Bring WeMove-WeLive to the People in Your Care

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