About Us

The WeMove-WeLive Story

Senior Guided Movement was founded by Leigh Goodman and Lara Pienaar during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.


During lock-down when most people were not able to leave their houses or receive visitors, elderly family and friends were telling Leigh that they were feeling increasingly unmotivated to move and emotionally unwell.


WeMove-WeLive classes proved to be an incredibly powerful way to re-awaken their bodies, stretch and strengthen their muscles, move their joints, and become more mentally and physically flexible while allowing their minds to become more peaceful and happy. 

Leigh, a life-long dancer and the creator of Journey through Dance, heeded the call and created a program specifically for seniors. Lara joined the venture in June 2020 to lending her decades worth of strategic planning to Senior Guided Movement.

Why WeMove-WeLive?


Whereas other kinds of modalities have their own style and requirements, Senior Guided Movement's primary goal is to provide a suite of online classes that specifically caters to the needs of people who might not have a full range of mobility. Our teachers create classes that get people moving at their own pace, in the comfort of their own space—standing, sitting or even lying down!  


It doesn't matter whether someone can touch their toes or just wiggle them, the classes are gentle enough for people of all abilities. Many WeMove-WeLive classes offer participants all the benefits of a gentle exercise program, combined with the calming benefits of a mindfulness program. 


Some of the classes consist of a carefully curated sequence of music and guided journeys with voice instruction which prompts listeners to gently and consciously bring awareness to and move different parts of the body. Other classes have Qi Gong or Tai Chi focus whereas other classes might get people dancing again.


Classes include obvious things like stretching an arm or a leg but also more subtle movements like slowly moving the neck and head and even elbows and ankles in small circles. In this way, the frequently forgotten smaller muscles and joints get activated which brings the whole body into a new balance. 


This is great for stiffness and pain, it helps bring a general awareness and aliveness to the body. It's a way to rebalance, reconnect and do something that feels good without it being strenuous.


About Leigh

Leigh Goodman is the creator of Journey Through Dance, a type of movement meditation practice that comes about through a transformative guided journey. She has offered these and related types of classes and workshops since 2008.


During Covid19, she had a strong calling to create something to support seniors, and WeMove-WeLive was born.


Her unique method of teaching, combined with her deep knowledge of the transformative power of music creates safe, supportive, nurturing and transformative sanctuaries for people of all ages to come ‘home’ to themselves and experience personal transformation on the physical as well as the emotional and mental level. 

Leigh's classes focus on tension and anxiety release, upliftment, improved vitality, nervous system recalibration, reconnection to one's purpose, joy, and overall physical, mental and emotional well-being.

My hope for WeMove-WeLive is to create a platform of hope, inspiration, change and joy.

-Leigh Goodman