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All of the teachers are sensitive to the movement challenges that older adults may deal with. At the same time they are inspirational, motivational, encouraging and fun. 


Leigh Goodman

Journey Through Dance

Leigh Goodman is the creator of Journey Through Dance, a type of movement meditation practice that comes about through a transformative guided journey. She has offered these and related types of classes and workshops for over 12 years.

Her unique method of teaching, combined with her deep knowledge of the transformative power of music creates safe, supportive, nurturing and transformative sanctuaries for people of all ages to come ‘home’ to themselves and experience personal transformation on the physical as well as the emotional and mental level. 


Lynn Modell

Dance Again

Lynn Modell is a dancer/choreographer/teacher known for her deft use of humor which imbues both her teaching and choreography. After graduation from Adelphi University in New York State, she moved to Boston, Massachusetts where she founded a dance company with three other Adelphi alumnae. 

Lynn has been teaching dance to adults since 2014.  As a choreographer, Lynn creates accessible works for everyone, including people who say they 'can't understand' modern dance.  Her choreography often portrays humorous moments of everyday life we can all recognize, perhaps even changing our point of view. That might include challenging the status quo, the frustrations of dating... or trying to look cool in a disco even where that's obviously a lost cause!  Lynn produced and presented two full-length works, Every Body Dances (April 2018) and The Cocktail Party (April 2019) to sold-out audiences in Boston.

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Art of Yoga

In addition to being a mom of two living along the east coast of South Africa, Cher is also a yoga instructor, massage therapist and a conscious dance teacher.  

She understands the importance of movement and how it heals both our bodies and minds while at the same time it uplifts our spirits. When we move our bodies we boost our immunity, physical health and vitality. We stimulate our senses and cleanse our bodies of unwanted toxins.

Conscious dance allows emotional expression and leaves us with clarity of mind.  While the more controlled movements from practicing yoga improves our mental focus.

Breathing is improved while dancing and practicing yoga as we take in deep breaths and sigh them out, and doing this releases tension from our bodies.

Her classes incorporate everything from dance, to chair yoga to breathing.

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Ralph Dehner

Have Qi Will Travel

Ralph Dehner has been studying tai chi and other internal martial arts all his life, with serious practice and teaching beginning in the 1990s. He is also a certified occupational therapy practitioner and brings the healing benefits of tai chi and qi gong to medical and therapeutic settings, working with patients and training allied health professionals to use tai chi and qi gong as part of their practice.

As a passionate promoter of tai chi and qi gong, Ralph has been a keynote speaker and a frequent presenter at state and regional conferences including the International Tai Chi for Health Conference in Seoul, South Korea in 2006. He is frequently interviewed for radio, television, and newspapers on health and wellness.

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Sara Tonini

Art of Yoga

Practicing and teaching yoga, dynamic meditation and conscious dance for years, Sara's professional training consist of 250+ hour Yoga Teacher Certification with a specialization in yoga for seniors, 150-hour Pranayama, Breathwork and Meditation Certification and Journey Through Dance Facilitator Certification.


Focusing on the need to nurture the individual while creating a safe place for everyone, Sara guides welcoming, playful, rejuvenating movement classes that offer opportunities for connecting to self, promoting balance, cultivating a joyful spirit, and discovering vibrant health through fluid movement and breath.


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My hope for WeMove-WeLive is to create a platform of hope, inspiration, change and joy.

-Leigh Goodman