An online platform where amazing teachers support older adults to connect, feel inspired, and move more.



No matter where you start, you can improve your mobility and become stronger and more flexible at any age.


As soon as you start moving, you will feel energized and inspired to move more.



Physical well-being is intricately linked to emotional well-being. Our classes support you to feel happier about yourself and your body.

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

Residential Housing Facilities

  • Inspire your residents to move more

  • Provide them with wonderful teachers with many years' of experience in movement classes for older adults

  • Offer residents a range of classes to support movement and well-being

  • Reduce stress and depression

  • Provide them with an easily accessible platform that can be accessed from any electronic device (including phone, iPad or laptop)


Give residents a reason to get up every day!

We've Made it Easy

  • With a movement class for everyone, there is no excuse not to move more.

  • Choose from our wide range of amazing teachers to find the one(s) that inspire you.

  • Our classes encompass a range of movement modalities and are created for older adults of all abilities.

  • Some classes are short and others are longer.

  • Select the classes you would like to join from our weekly timetable.

  • Access an entire library of pre-recorded classes created specially for our platform.

The founders of Senior Guided Movement tell their story and motivation behind WeMove-WeLive Classes.

Our Guarantee


Try a class and if you don't feel more energized, more happy and more confident, we will give you your money back, no questions asked.


what it is

WeMove-WeLive is an online platform where amazing teachers offer a variety of online movement classes to encourage and support physical movement, stress relief and emotional well-being for older adults of all abilities.


how it works

Once subscribed, members choose what classes they would like to join from the weekly timetable. Classes are held via Zoom. You also receive access to an entire library of recorded classes from many of our teachers.


who it's for

Our classes are specifically created for people 55 years+ but they are also suitable for anyone in physical recovery or needing a gentle movement practice.

See members experiencing a WeMove-WeLive Journey with Leigh

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For Individuals

GIve yourself or a loved one the gift of more movement, connection, and relaxation for the price of 4 cups of coffee a month.

$12 p/m

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For Organizations

We work with organizations to create packages to suit their needs. If you are a resident, or wellness director, talk to us about getting WeMove-WeLive as an offering for your community.

Enjoy this short guided movement video!

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These classes have made me hopeful, joyful and stronger than I have felt in a very long time!

- Jenny, Ann Arbor, MI

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“Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement.”
― Aldous Huxley, The Art of Seeing